The One Where I Took the Summer Off

In case you couldn’t tell, I took a break this summer. I haven’t blogged in MONTHS, literally. I had some stuff going on, physically, mentally, work-wise…there were many days where I completely lacked time, willpower, or the actual physical capacity to shuffle my feet out the door for a run. The last few weeks, it’s been ridiculously hot and the air quality sucks because of the horrible fire season the Northwest is having. It wasn’t the best. But I’m trying to get back on track as I start to figure out some health stuff. I tried to make the best of summer and still managed to have some adventures. Here’s the random overview:

Shayne and I got in two races. Race #1 was the Starlight Run, my second and Shayne’s first. It’s an untimed 5K in Portland that is directly before the Starlight Parade, part of the Rose Festival. Think Disneyland’s Electric Parade, but local and without Mickey Mouse. The parade starts at dusk, because it’s all glow sticks and lights, so the race starts around 7. I got Shayne hooked – the route is run almost entirely on the parade route, and the race website claims that there’s close to a QUARTER OF A MILLION spectators, so you’re high fiving kids the whole time and people cheer and it’s just a lot of fun. It’s also a big costume race…I don’t personally run in costume, but it’s always fun to see people dressed up.
Shayne had also never seen the parade, so we stuck around for a bit. This is my absolute favorite parade, and it didn’t disappoint. I finally got to see the Unipiper in real life, and he played the Star Wars theme on flaming bagpipes, which was pretty much everything I’ve always wanted out of life.And, since I love a good pre-parade run, we also did the C.A.T Walk 5k before my hometown’s 4th of July parade. This one goes right past my parents’ house, so we always walk back and watch the parade after. This is our third or fourth year in a row running this one together (I was going for a red, white, & blue theme below…white shoes are cropped out).
I went to running club and won a Patagonia windbreaker. Pretty stoked about it because my last running windbreaker is one that my mom literally found by the side of the road. I floated five miles in this insanity for my cousin’s bachelorette party in Missouri. It was awesome and nothing else needs to be said.We celebrated the Eclipse in 99.7% totality in our backyard. I worked from home that day, and we sat in the backyard as the moon slowly moved in front of the sun. It was super eerie. I’m determined to get into the path of totality for 2024.
Mourned the season finale of Game of Thrones. My mom gave me some Game of Thrones licensed wine and I hung out with my wooden sword that I bought for $15 at a highland games this summer and my dog’s little dragon toy.And here’s a delightful photo I found on Twitter of Jon Snow enjoying Oregon beer.We spent four days up in Seattle celebrating the wedding festivities of one of my very best friends. I’ve only been up there sporadically since graduation, so it was nice to have more than one night exploring my old stomping grounds.
The whole fam came up for a few days so we explored Fremont and Wallingford together.And took in a Mariner’s game.And I ate this DELICIOUS bulgogi rice bowl at Elysian Brewing. I was hungover and it was the perfect cure. Gimme all the kimchi.And this is what Oregon looks like now: on fire. We drove through one of the most heavily hit areas on our way to a wedding in central Oregon the other day. Apparently this section was part of a controlled burn to help tamp the burning of the actual wildfire, but driving through and hearing the crackling and feeling the heat of the flames was scary. So thankful for the firefighters that are working to get these blazes under control. There was another fire started in the gorge this weekend by some idiot teenagers with fireworks. It’s absolutely horrific. Ash is falling all throughout the area and there’s not really an end in sight.So, that’s what I’ve been up to. Maybe I’ll get back to my regularly scheduled sporadic blogging, maybe I’ll just let this page crumble up in the wind. Most likely, I will forget to take off my payment information and my domain name will auto renew and I’ll try and make something of it. We’ll see. I have a few races coming up that I’ll be loosely training for (including my first trail race) so…there’s stuff to talk about!

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