Race Recap – Hippie Chick Half

I’ve had this post half-written for a long time. My busy time at work snuck up on me (or I wasn’t expecting it…because I’ve never experienced it before) and I’ve been crashing early almost every night, or going tech free and reading. I’m going to keep this one pretty short and sweet, because mostly it was rainy and I didn’t take many photos at this race. 

I ran the Hippie Chick Half in Hillsboro, OR on May 14th. Though not technically an all women’s race, about 98% of participants are women and it’s held Mother’s Day weekend. And you get a necklace instead of a medal. There’s also 15k and Quarter Marathon options. Most of the route is along semi-quiet roads on the outskirts of town, next to farms and fields. And occasionally highway. 

I woke up that Saturday and it was pouring. Coupled with the fact that I had ran Eugene six days prior, it was soooooooo tempting to bag it. But I was running with two friends (and picking up one of them) so I didn’t entertain thoughts of DNS-ing for long! The race advised getting to the parking lot by 6:30…so I picked Rachel up at 6:30 and we were at the parking lot by 6:45. It was virtually empty, so we sat in the car and out of the rain for a good 45 minutes, as the race didn’t start until 8 and we already had our bibs. 

We finally got out of the car to use the real bathrooms (the race started at the local minor league stadium) and wait in line 20 minutes to answer a survey to get a free poncho from American Family Insurance. Worth it. The start line was kind of hidden away from the rest of the excitement, so we just followed the crowd when everyone started moving that direction. 

After the national anthem, we were off! There was intermittent (sometimes heavy) rain for the first five or six miles before We saw some clearing. I wore my freebie poncho until Mile 9. Look at me having so much fun and not able to feel my feet!

Rachel wanted to hit 2:30 which we did! We both put our power songs on at Mile 12 and kicked it into high gear for the last mile (thanks Castle on the Hill). The race finished on the turf baseball field and you’re shown in the final stretch on the Jumbotron. I had secret hopes of hitting 2:25…I came in at 2:25:24. So close, but another PR, six days after my PR at Eugene! I’ll take it. I’m definitely happy with these splits and feel like we ran a smart race. Our self-assembled training plan served us well! We got our finisher necklaces, but I know my friends like some hardware. So the day before the race, I bought a wood burner on sale at Craft Warehouse and made us some medals, which I presented at the finish. Because I love medals. Mine was experimental; the flowers surrounding 2017 looked a little better on the other two. The ladies appreciated them, so I was happy I got them together in time!

And that’s all she wrote about Hippie Chick!

The Good: flat, scenic course, lots of booths on race day, easy to get to and problem free start. Also loved the women’s cut race shirt – I don’t always love women’s cut but this one isn’t super clingy and actually looks good. 

The Bad: nothing bad, per se, but lets be real, unless it’s a REALLY good necklace, I’d rather have a medal. Volunteers didn’t know what kind of hydration they were serving. That’s about it. 

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