Monday Morning Happy Thoughts

First and foremost, it seems like spring is finally here (in the Upper Left Coast anyways, I know some of you states have had spring for a long while). This means shorts running! And I was reminded yesterday that shorts running + thunder thighs = ALL THE CHAFING. 

Chafe just peeping out…

But seriously, I made a poor clothing choice for my 11-miler yesterday and I’m paying the price today. Rookie mistake and I should have known better. Use your Body Glide, folks. And if, like me, you are blessed in the thigh department, I highly recommend compression shorts versus anything loose. I waddled to the store yesterday to pick up another pair. 

Other than my now scabby, painful thighs, this weekend’s long run was a smashing success. Rachel and I have somehow been increasing our distance every weekend AND getting faster. We did our run along the PDX waterfront and when we got back to the car we realized we were conveniently located next to coffee and delicious breakfast sandwiches Other happy thoughts for the week? While I was at a conference on Tuesday, my coworker kidnapped my Jamie Fraser PopFunko and started sending me pictures of him in danger. It cracked me up. We kicked off Panera Monday, aka a weekly excuse to leave the office for lunch and eat my favorite “Choose 2” combo, tomato soup and the Thai peanut chicken salad (with baugette of course).I hopped on an opportunity to run the Eugene Half-Marathon NEXT WEEKEND. Back to back half-marathon weekends is probably a terrible idea but I’m not planning on breaking any speed records and I figured I’ve been wanting to get and stay in “half shape,” as it were, so here’s my chance. So stoked about this race; I’ve wanted to run it for a while and can’t wait to finish on the track at Hayward Field!We went to a great midday Timbers match and they won!That’s all I’ve got for you right now. I am doing more happy, healthy things but just haven’t felt compelled to blog and don’t have my thoughts together. Lots of self-care happening, and also lots of laziness. Apologies! I’ll get on track sooner or later, but for now I’m enjoying my runs (except the bloody scabs), trying to keep my stomach happy, and desperately attempting to maintain cleanliness in my house. 

Your turn-what are your happy thoughts to start this week?

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