Race Recap – Luckython 2017

One word to describe this race – SOGGY.

The Luckython was a repeat race for me; I also ran it back in 2015. I would like to think I’m in better shape now than I was in 2015, but it’s debatable. This year’s race was on March 11th, meaning if I was really motivated I could have run both this race and big Portland St. Patrick’s Day race, the Shamrock Run. I wasn’t that motivated. Luckython, organized by Uberthons (which is one of my favorite local race organizations), offers 5k, 10k, 15k, and 15k relay options for the race, and the 10k start time of 9 AM let me sleep in a bit. And by sleep in I mean listen to the pouring rain on the roof and dread running 6 miles.

I drove the 15 minutes to the start line and was directed right into a primo princess parking spot. The rain had slowed to a steady drizzle, but I still wore a hat on top of ear warmers, and a jacket. This race made me realize that I need better rain gear for running.

I only had to wait five minutes before the start of the race. Just enough time to do some stretching. Uberthons always lets you go in waves, but it’s self-seeding into paces (and as this wasn’t a half-marathon, they didn’t have pacers) so it’s always a lot of bobbing and weaving at the start. Luckython is on a golf course path, which is narrow, so I did a lot of grass scampering to get ahead of a elementary school girls running club and a few walkers before I hit a decent stride. 17310148_1283815175033048_8302866719525433532_oThis quickly turned into a mud run. Even if I hadn’t passed people in the grass, parts of the path were straight up flooded. I tried to dodge the bigger puddles but eventually just gave up. The 10k is two loops of the golf course, so at least the second lap I knew what I was in for?

I walked through the water stations, but otherwise stayed pretty consistent at my 11:20ish pace (though the first three miles don’t show it…whoops). I listened to some true crime podcasts to keep myself distracted from the fact that I was pretty soggy and miserable, which worked for the most part. I ended up with a course PR!Last time I ran this race, I was using Nike to track my runs. After crossing the finish line, I was given a GIGANTIC spinning medal to add to my collection, and immediately walked myself over to the baked potato bar for a spud with all the fixins. Butter, shredded cheddar, broccoli, bacon bits…I grabbed my official time and took my potato to go, since I wanted to get to my parents’ house before the start of the town’s St. Patrick’s Day parade. 

One thing I noticed later, which was weird, is that my watch time was two minutes faster than my chip time. Considering I started my watch before crossing the start line AND hit “finish” after I crossed, I’m not quite sure how that happened. My chip time was a course PR, but my watch time would have been a distance PR. I’ll stick with the course PR and hope for a distance PR in the near future. I borrowed less soggy shoes and socks from my mom, and enjoyed the St. Patrick’s Day parade (they don’t live in a small town, but if you watched the parades…you’d think it was) with my friends and their little one and my parents and a warm cup of coffee. 

I’ll definitely be back for another Luckython in the future…though if I would have done Shamrock this year I would have had perfect weather!

Your turn: any St. Patrick’s races for you this year?

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