Race Recap – Bridge to Brews 10K

I needed an emotional outlet this week and a race was just the ticket! Bridge to Brews is one of the bigger Portland races that I hadn’t done yet. And one of my regular Sunday running partners was running it. So I signed the husband and I up!

The big selling point for B2B is that it’s the only race that goes over the Fremont Bridge. A quick google search informs me that it’s the second longest tiered-arch bridge in the world, and has the longest main span of any bridge in Oregon. Mostly it has good views. This is what it looks like:I’ve run over a lot of Portland bridges but not this one (because it’s a freeway) so I wanted to check it off the list. Shayne was on board and we met up with my friend Rachel and her family at Waterfront Park. Bag drop was easy peasy and before we knew it, people were lining up at the start. There wasn’t really a fanfare or anything, we just kind of went. Thankfully, the main hill comes early in this race, between miles 1 and 2 with the on-ramp to the freeway and the bridge. Rachel and I started out fast as we bobbed and weaved our way through people. We paused for a few pics at the middle of the bridge. It was overcast and not too cold – check out Mt. Hood playing hide and seek!After the Fremont Bridge, there’s a split off for the 8k and the 10k does some out and back weaving through an industrial neighborhood. Again, I’ve run these streets before in various races; it’s not the best place to run but not the worst either. Rachel and I continued to surprise ourselves with each mile (we had been aiming for an 11:20 average and kept banking significantly faster) but we both felt good and we were staying conversational! By mile 4, both of us were fairly certain that PRs were on tap for the morning. 

I snapped this shot coming over the final, less scenic Steel Bridge that I feel like I’ve run over a million times (including during the marathon). After a quick downhill off the bridge, it was an all out “horse to the barn” 0.2 miles along Naito to the finish. 

And just like that, I broke a 2 year old PR (formerly 1:11:08) and it felt amazing. Rachel PR-ed as well! It was a good confidence boost going into our upcoming half-marathon (more on other recent training in a subsequent post). My runs have been feeling great lately, which is welcome after being in a running rut for what feels like the last year. I don’t ever get to snap finishing line shots of Shayne (because he’s literally beat me in every other race we’ve done together including half-marathons he wasn’t trained for) so I was excited to get a few action pics of him coming in strong to the finish. Then it was time to celebrate! I opted out of the race medal (and saved myself $10) which was a big step for me. But I was all in for the two free beers that came with my entry! I haven’t been drinking much lately so after two beers I was feeling goooood. I enjoyed celebrating our PRs with my friend (and Shayne who had to shuttle my butt home while I loudly did some carpool kareoke). The verdict? Bridge to Brews will definitely be a repeat race for us. The beer lines were a little insane, but it’s a great medium-sized race that was efficiently organized and had some great views. 

Pros: The bridge views, race size, laid back after party. 

Cons: Literally none I can think of. I didn’t even mind running in the grittier bits of the east side because they mixed it up with some twists and turns. 

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