Monday Morning Happy Thoughts 

The happiest thought? IT’S MARATHON MONDAY! I will be keeping tabs on my favorite runners from my cubicle via the interwebs. Every year, the Boston Marathon excitement makes me want to run another marathon and also shave 2.5 hours off my time and get after that BQ. But seriously. Someday…

Other happy thoughts for the week? The Leftovers is back!I. Love. This. Show. Shayne and I have been watching since the beginning (I initially read the book, which basically covered Season 1 and we’ve been in uncharted waters ever since). It’s about the end-times (or the idea of the end-times) and Justin Theroux is a supreme actor and he takes his shirt off a lot. That’s it in a nutshell, but there are some really poignant themes explored each season and it’s really well produced. 10/10, would recommend. I have been running in my Ghost 8s for a year and a half and it was time for an upgrade. Checking out the Launch 4s. They were delivered after my Saturday long run, so I broke them in on the patio of our favorite taproom in the sun. My initial thought is that they run a little narrow…hoping to inaugurate them on a run tomorrow and see how I fare. 

I only have four work days this week (taking PTO on Friday). That’s a happy thought! 

It took me too long, but I’m FINALLY catching up with the Ali on the Run podcast! Running podcasts have been hit or miss for me, but this is kinda like having a BFF talk to you about running and other stuff with guests. Super conversational, her lineup of guests is great, and she just seems so friendly. I’m a huge fan of Ali’s blog (and have a total internet friend crush on her) and it was super motivating to listen to her first episode while I ran up and down a big hill the other day. 

Also I’m still happy thinking about this dinner we had at The Hairy Lobster a few weeks ago that I meant to blog about sooner. We popped in for Portland Dining Month and LOVED EVERYTHING. Of course everything I ate doesn’t photograph super well but whatever. The highlight was this mushroom bisque…I LOVE mushrooms and order mushroom soup wherever I go but this one took the cake. Note Shayne’s dill pickle inspired cocktail in the background. I’m realizing now that mushroom soup is not super photogenic but it was so good I don’t even care. I just want to stare at it now. 

This goobus always makes me happy. Total derp face below. Last happy thought: the trailer for The Last Jedi. IS IT DECEMBER 15TH YET OR CAN I JUST MOVE TO THE STAR WARS UNIVERSE PLEASE?!

Your turn: happy thought for the week?

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