Monday Morning Happy Thoughts

Remember when I used to have to commute by public transit and I would write up these little posts on the train? Well…I’m pre-scheduling this one but I’m about to start a stressful week so I’m channeling happy thoughts once again! Here’s some random happies from recent weeks:Finally checked out Maplewood Coffee & Tea after hearing so many good things. It was a drizzly Saturday and a sudden downpour put a kink in our nursery browsing plans (Shayne is the green thumb, I am most certainly not) so we popped over to this cute little coffee shop tucked away in SW Portland. My chai was incredible and so was the orange sweet roll I had. After watching so much “Terrace House: Boys & Girls in the City,” I finally bought a package of Golden Curry and followed the questionably translated recipe on the side. It was everything I dreamed of and more. How adorable is this sweatshirt from Sarah Marie Design Studio? I think it needs to live in my closet. Our kitchen sink is dinky and our faucet was leaky. We fixed one of those two problems and now we have this nice big faucet that works! Thanks Shayne!Also introduced the man to my new favorite taproom close to my office. It had been a week. We shared a taster and had a pint each. This place always has a really unique selection and I found a tasty cucumber sour on tap. Does anyone else like sours or am I singlehandedly keeping them in production? I don’t know anyone else who is a fan. 

So there’s a quick overview of some happy times (and things) from the last week. Kind of like a Friday Favorites post, but on a Monday to get your week started off right! Thanks for indulging me! I’ve got another race recap headed your way this week too!

Your turn: what happiness are you keeping in mind as we start the week?

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