One Short Day (At Emerald City Comicon)

This post is more on the “happy” side of Happy Healthy PDX, so if that’s not your thing, I won’t be offended if you skip this one and come back later (though my fitness endeavors have been pretty lackluster as of late). I’m running a 10K tomorrow that I’ll recap soon!

Last Saturday was a total YOLO day. I love the Outlander books and TV show. They inspired our trip to Scotland last summer. Every once in a while, I get REALLY into something (like Star Wars and Harry Potter) and Outlander has become one of those things. I love me some literary escapism, and after devoting about a year of my life to reading all 8 Outlander series novels currently available, it’s my JAM. Back when I tried to time travel in real life at Clava Cairns standing stones which were part of the inspiration for the series. 

So when I found out that the Outlander stars would be at Emerald City Comicon in Seattle, I considered buying tickets. Then I didn’t buy tickets. Then, the night before, FOMO set in. So last Friday, I bought a last minute one-day badge off Craigslist and hit the road at 6 am on Saturday to meet the human embodiment of my favorite fictional man, Jamie Fraser. It was the best, most expensive five seconds of my life. The only words I remember saying were “OHMYGODCANIHUGYOU?” And it was really loud in there but obviously he said yes and I’m pretty sure he called me “darlin,” and then I blacked out from happiness and walked away with a 8×10 glossy of the above photo. 

While that experience alone was worth the six hours in the car and a few hundos, I tried to absorb as much ‘Con as I could get in that day. The expo was overwhelming, both because there were SO MANY PEOPLE and also because I wanted to buy all the things (I settled with Explodif Kittens, a new piece of Outlander jewelry, and some Millenium Falcon decals for my husband’s car).

I spent most of my time people watching/cosplay-ogling. Look at this sweet tauntaun costume!Carrie Fisher was also supposed to be a guest this year **insert sobs here.** In the spot where she would have been signing autographs, they placed a memorial wall which I obviously signed. Princess Leia was one of my favorite Halloween costumes. I also got up there early enough that I was able to brunch with some of my besties. And I drank so much coffee that I was a jittery, sweaty mess for a while. 

I totally get it now. I get why Cons are a thing. I’ve always loved fantasy stories/movies/fandoms, but reading and watching still leaves you feeling “outside” of it all. The comicon experience really lets you go all in with other people who also embrace fantasy. No one is judging, and lots of friendly people are more than happy to talk to you about their experiences. I’m already planning on Rose City Comicon in September. Will I dress up? Doubtful, but I’m not ruling it out. Mostly I love the camaraderie of like minded people. And it was so wonderful to hear stories of people who were able to go to other Outlander events last weekend and know that Sam and Cait are just as delightful in real life as they are on my TV. 

So here’s to the authors and actors and actresses that create fantastical worlds. Worlds to which I can escape when my real life is feeling too mundane. Thanks for creating characters and places that are constant and timeless. I’ve always loved you, but never celebrated you as much as you deserve. That changes now. 

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