The One With the Snow

We’ve finally thawed out here in Oregon.  Somehow, while no one was looking, we’ve become a winter state. The meteorologists thought maybe we would get a few inches. Then we woke up to this:TWELVE INCHES OF SNOW. The Portland area was literally at a standstill for a week, as temps stayed cold and the snow stuck around. Husband didn’t have school, I worked from home a day or two and had him drive me to the office on the other days. I’m still too new to want to waste PTO days and thought it would be good to show my face. It probably was the right decision, but it sure was quiet in the cubicles. 

When I wasn’t working, we were playing in the snow (and relaxing). How cliche is my dog?I can’t lie, I love this picture of Ramsay looking a little bit like a drowned rat. This is basically how I got my cardio in for a week. After the snow finally melted (which took a week) I ran a few cathartic miles on Friday night and then took a little stroll with 100,000 ladies (and badass dudes and children) downtown Portland last Saturday morning. It was cold and it rained the whole time and I needed to be there and it was important to me. It might not have done anything in the long run, but it’s not the only thing I’m doing. It was just something. My favorite sign:And since then, it’s been a rough few days physically and emotionally up in here. I was going to go to a group run tomorrow; at the moment my intestines are saying “not so fast.” It’ll be a game time decision. 

Frankly, that’s all I’ve got right now. I’m going to try and get some scheduled posts up this week. Considering how dusty my blog is…pray for me! 

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