3 Things: 2016 and 2017

I’m still alive. I just made it through what is supposedly the busiest annual week of my new job, and I’m still alive. This space has been quieter than I wanted, but I’ve been living life and adjusting and catching up on sleep. This new job has me feeling like a new Marge; I’m sleeping better, I’m (more) excited to get up in the morning and go to work (there’s only so much daily excitement you can get from being in an accounting/analytics/finance profession) and learn new things, my skin is clearing up, I have more energy, I’m cooking more. My quality of life has definitely improved. I come home and I’ve left work at work. It’s an absolute delight. It also helps that I really like everyone I work with. And that my commute is now 10 minutes. Blogging has definitely not been at the forefront of my mind. Frankly, I’ve been enjoying holidays with family, and playing a lot of Candy Crush while my stress dissipates. Also this election cycle has left me feeling very political, and I don’t want this space to be about that. So I’ve been quiet.

Since I STILL am not in the swing of blogging (was I ever?), I thought I’d recap three of the best things of 2016, and share three things I’m looking forward to in the fresh new year. I’ve had three large glasses of wine tonight, so that should really help the creative process AMIRIGHT?

Highlights of 2016

  1. Went to Scotland. Spent 8 days eating and drinking and walking and soaking in the country. Ended our time wanting to move there. Successful international explorations!
  2. PR-ed my half-marathon. Had a decent (not great, based on pacing) race at the Vernonia Half. Decent enough to PR by nearly 10 minutes. PERFECT weather, overcast and cool. Plus my momma surprised me at the finish line.
  3. Went on my first trail run with a few lovely ladies back in late November. We did 7-8 miles on the Wildwood trail through NW Portland, and it was muddy and awesome and very hilly. I was SUPER sore in the subsequent days. It rekindled my urge to run. Plus I shot this unattractive picture of myself showing off my new Atlas Cider hat that I picked up at the end of the Bend Ale Run.

    First trail run!

Hopes and Dreams for 2017 (how’s that for cheesy dramatics?)

  1. PR the half-marathon…again. I want to hit 2:15. I’m still in that sweet spot of paces where it’s relatively “easy” to make big time gains with standard, consistent training. I have a half-marathon on my schedule Mother’s Day weekend, but I don’t know if I’ll try to PR that one or earlier…I’m hoping to follow the training plan in “Run Less, Run Faster” and I may join up with a new running group as well.
  2. Another trip…somewhere? We haven’t decided where yet, however. Is Zika still a thing? I’m torn between wanting to go back to Europe and explore another country for a week, or hit up an all-inclusive in the Caribbean. We avoided all Zika-related countries last year because we want to start a family…but I haven’t heard much about Zika lately. Caribbean countries on the table include Jamaica and the Bahamas. As for European countries, we are looking at anything and everything.
  3. My Favorite Murder’s live podcast tour! Don’t be put off by the title, My Favorite Murder is an awesome comedy/true-crime podcast and I can’t WAIT to see it live in Portland in March. I love everything true crime, and I’m pretty sure that these are my people. My husband is not so convinced.

I’ve been hitting the ground running (somewhat literally) in 2017. I went for a run this week (in below freezing temps), I’ve been doing BBG circuit workouts (and my abs and arms are feeling it), I’m starting to come into my own in my new job, AND I’ve been cleaning the kitchen every night (because I am trying the Commit30 planner this year and I made sure to set an attainable goal for January). I’m trying to spend more time and energy on my health this year, make some strides in my running, and focus on family and some home projects. And less time on Candy Crush. Damn you, Candy Crush.

Your turn – What are you looking forward to in 2017?

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